Haleakala Summit, Maui

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I am a Resonance Healing® practitioner and an Enneagram expert. I offer private sessions and create inspired classes and events for adventurous, fun-loving, transformative Souls. Check out a new movement and inspiration class called Power Play for empowering us to be more fully our True Selves.

Please contact me for support with living your Highest Light desired outcomes.

Ann Paquin

When we feel stuck on our healing journey, we may resort to one of three coping styles for dealing with loss or disappointment, according to Russ Hudson, co-founder of the Enneagram Institute. These styles are: positive outlook; emotional realness; or competency. Sometimes we fall into the habit of one coping style when another style would...
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My friend, Blessed, ( yes, that is her name) inspires us to choose a word of intention for the New Year. Words carry an energy. When we bring one word focus into our life, we learn about its energies and gifts more closely. We have a relationship with the word. The word I selected for this year,...
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Here are 3 simple and easy steps to help you get the information needed for your Deepest and Highest Good for your 2015 Everyday Choices: 1.Hydrate.  Atoms of every cell at the core are made up of energy and information. Cells need to be well hydrated to operate optimally and for energy to flow. Accessing and...
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