Enneagram Salon

Enneagram Salons are offered monthly in Kihei.  Participants are invited to bring in a poem, song, piece of movement, music or artwork supportive of the salon topic. A new series begins this Fall.

Please share below your topics of interest for consideration.

The Enneagram is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern psychology.  The Enneagram offers a powerful map and support for accelerated personal growth and transformation.  From it we learn specific drives, fears, and predictable attitudes and behaviors of 9 basic personality types and the spiritual laws supporting us in awakening to our liberation and gifts. One of my first Enneagram teachers, David Daniels shares that it is a tool for helping us get out of our limiting boxes of who we think we are.  

Many of my colleagues who have intensively studied the Enneagram wonder out loud how different our lives might be if we had these teachings earlier on in our lives.  I’m deeply grateful to David Daniels for being one of my first Enneagram teachers.