Intuition Essentials

Here are 3 simple and easy steps to help you get the information needed for your Deepest and Highest Good for your 2015 Everyday Choices:

1.Hydrate.  Atoms of every cell at the core are made up of energy and information. Cells need to be well hydrated to operate optimally and for energy to flow. Accessing and receiving information from Infinite Intelligence including our Deepest and Highest Resources requires good hydration.
2.Light. When in the Light, we significantly increase the opportunity to receive the priority of what’s needed. One way is to ground to the center of the earth and pull in Light energy from the center of the Cosmos. Often, we think of grounding to the earth OR connecting to the heavens. Connecting both ways provides more complete support and information.
3.Breathe. Breathe in and down. Sense the breath flow down the throat, through the body and into the abdomen and back out for several breaths. Following the breath is how we access the Present Moment  and with our Spirit.  We become more neutral and receptive.

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