Healing through Coping Styles

When we feel stuck on our healing journey, we may resort to one of three coping styles for dealing with loss or disappointment, according to Russ Hudson, co-founder of the Enneagram Institute. These styles are: positive outlook; emotional realness; or competency. Sometimes we fall into the habit of one coping style when another style would serve us better. Awareness of these styles can help us shift out of stuck places.

Coping Styles
Three Coping Styles

For example, the emotional realness style points to the link between our emotions and what is happening in reality. Emotions can provide an intelligence of what is actually happening. When out of balance, emotions can take over and cloud our view. This is where moving toward another coping style such as positive outlook can help us become unstuck. The positive outlook style causes us to look for the good in something and helps us to find new solutions. If you look for something good you will find it.

The competency style looks for real and effective solutions, researching what is needed in a situation. The benefit of this style is that it leads to increased information that is helpful on the path of healing. The downside is that a person may ignore the intelligence of emotions because they seem messy.

Awareness of a range of coping styles is an asset in dealing with health challenges. We tend to gravitate toward one of these approaches, but it’s good to know that we have access to other approaches. When we are present, we have access to all of these harmonics (as described by Hudson) as well as body, mind and heart centers of intelligence. A positive outlook can expand into embodying gratitude; emotional realness into unconditional love; and competency into Divine right action.


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