**New Class**

One of the things, people are most grateful for are, is their relationships.  More and more of us are enjoying relationships that are healthy and thriving.  This is occurring because we are becoming more present… and understanding our deepest motivations.  This is important as people think, feel and behave differently. Understanding our core drives, helps us communicate clearly, be understood and understand each other. This helps us be more fully our True Selves.

If learning about our deepest motivations while having fun sounds appealing, join me for New Choices, a new movement and Improvisation class. New Choices offers the kind of empowerment that comes from being present and  getting to know ourselves. We’ll explore 9 ways of being in the world, how they each feel and the ways we impact each other.  The Enneagram is one source of our inspiration. Join other adventurous, fun-loving, transformative Souls.

You’ll leave feeling uplifted, having made new associations and aha’s.  You’ll find yourself becoming more present through recognizing our people patterns. This, and you’ll enjoy the day to day opportunities to make fresh, new, inspired choices.


I highly recommend Power Play. Whether you are a student of the enneagram or simply interested in understanding our oh so human patterns of interaction, this entertaining yet profound experiential workshop is for you.

Humboldt, CA

I was able to experience the mental, physical and emotional aspects of each type in a playful, positive manner. In two hours, you facilitated the Enneagram to work through me and release me from the bonds of my mental type. It felt like I was released from my Ennea Type Prison!! The feeling remains today. I am grateful.”

Maui, HI

Haleakala Gardens Rec Center

15 Kulanihakoi Street, Kihei

Wednesday 7/5
6:30-8:30 pm

Cost $15