How does one experience being fully in the flow?

Confident, strong and aligned; knowing you are on the right track. In flow, you feel lighter and happy because you know who you truly are. You trust in Divine Timing and inspired action supporting the highest light outcomes in your life.  You have an appreciation of all that is flowing to you.

Fully In Your Flow

Power Flow


Energy Works!

As an advanced Resonance Healing™ practitioner, I help energy flow. I sense where and how energy is blocked and find the deepest and highest Light solution to get it moving again. I find a custom tool unique to your specific situation.  Energy clearing helps with new starts, transitions, ancestral blocks for you, your home and work  spaces. Distance clearings are available and highly effective, as well.  I’ve studied intensively with the highly sought after, Dr. Sierra Levy’s, whose  Resonance Therapy®/Resonance Healing® incorporates the right tool for the right person at the right time incorporating today’s highly effective energy practices.

As a Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute trained teacher, I bring in-depth knowledge of the Enneagram system of personal development. I utilize a combination of Resonance Healing® and the Enneagram to support spiritual growth and thriving relationships.  Since the late 1990’s,  I’ve synthesized  leading edge spiritual, healing and movement modalities working directly with their Founding evolutionary teachers.

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