“Ann has been a tremendous help in working out and releasing some pretty big issues and emotional scars in my life. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has been able to pin point some pretty powerful painful things that have been holding me back from being the best I can be.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to “figure out” some life lessons and notice and change old habits. She has helped with childhood issues as well as self-criticism and sabotaging patterns.

I find her to be a positive guide and will continue to work with her on life’s challenges. I notice changes and results quite quickly after a session with Ann. The work she does in our session quickly starts to shift my thinking and responses the very next day!

Thank you Ann. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the changes I have felt at very deep levels of my life! ”              TC,  Massachusetts


“I  love you.  You have opened up the possibility of a whole new world for me.  There is SPACE now in my soul where there was here-to-for constriction.  MAHALO for respecting me and to give me your valuable time on Instagram: what a world that delivers!! A world of art and beauty that I hadn’t known existed!

Ann, I hope this doesn’t  sound strange; but the moment I met you and heard your name, I KNEW I  was in the presence of greatness.  You have joy, lightness and expansiveness beyond my previous experience of humanity. ”  ~ My heart to yours, 💟 Ali,  Maui


“Thinking of Ann, an image of a light house keeps coming to mind. Ann has helped me embrace my gifts and gave me courage and confidence to share who I am with others.  She has a way of letting me feel free in who I am and what I feel, then ever so brilliantly and in the most accepting way, guides me to an understanding of not only the situation but also of myself. Knowing and sharing and learning from Ann has helped me see others as beautiful and unique additions to the world rather than burdens.  I feel authentic, free, joyful, appreciative, blessed and at peace.” – Kelley,  Texas


“Ann is a great coach, encouraging  and measuring things out that will give good direction when trying to solve a problem. She takes a number of things into account: the individual person, situation and possibilities. She provides a positive atmosphere and can pull out good in everybody. Bad moods do not have to turn into a bad day.” – Eric, Seattle


“I met with Ann for a Fully In Your Flow session.  She is intuitive.  She has such a beautiful positive energy and I notice that my energy level rose just being with her.  I felt uplifted and knew during and after the session that I was on the right path.  She was able to help me clarify my creative and relationship goals by using several energy techniques. I highly recommend Ann. She will help raise your vibrations and guide you to stay on your best path.” -Kathy, Maui

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